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The most adorable and beautiful pairing in Naruto in my own opinion!
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Naruto managed to make a better live story in one episode then Twighlight could in 4 books and movies
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@EmilianoMacias SO FREAKING TRUE!!! 馃憤
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@sasunaru68 I'm not quite sure. I just think, from the limited interaction Naruto had with Kushina in the seal, they are so alike, and it was adorable. Minato was a badass, yes, but he didn't have to condemn naruto to a life of isolation. The series would have been horrible if he did this, but he could have sealed ALL of Kurama into himself and let the Shinigami take him. that would've derailed all of Madaras plans, until he could resurrect the gold and silver brothers
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They're my ultimate couple.
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