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Pikachu's a real bully man. Meowth on several occasions has tried to be friends with Pikachu and Pikachu just uses his electric attacks to force Meowth to do as he says
Pikachu was a real dick back then. Good times
Pikachu started getting those royalty paychecks from the show, and the fame went to his head. He lost all that weight. Caught a diva attitude and kicked Misty and Brock off the show. He even managed to kick off their replacements each season. Ash is being held hostage and all of the other Pokemon from each region mysteriously go missing at the start of each new region. Pikachu is an evil Pokemon and needs to be stopped.
@Lushisushi lmao im so sorry for ur eyes
@sanRico looool totally a good call. the kids at my preschool I worked at love the new gen so I've seen what can't be unseen looool! ruinedddd
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