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The Dark Side of Kpop [TRIGGER WARNING: Self Harm]

Idols need to be perfect, which is not humanly possible. The stress of trying to be something that is simply unachievable has caused some idols to turn to self-destructive tendencies.
This card is a reminder that everyone, even the most perfect person you can think of, is struggling. We're all in this together.

Seo In Guk - Bulimia

Seo In Guk originally auditioned for JYP and stunned them with his voice. The casting team loved him, but told him if he wanted to be a trainee he needed to drop a few pounds. He spent the next year throwing up everything he ate - he was bulimic in order to become a singer.
He returned as a skinnier singer to the next round of auditions, but the casting crew said that his voice had changed due to his constant throwing up - and rejected him again.
He finally caught a break after Superstar-K, but is still nervous about his body.

Nicole - Stress Medication

For her solo comeback, Nicole has come forward to say that the only way she could get through it was to rely heavily on stress medication.
Nicole stated, “While preparing for my solo debut, the fear of being judged on my talents and skills really overpowered me. The burden was just too much. I became so sensitive to the point that if someone had just slightly poked at me regarding the issue, I would burst into tears.”

P.O - Schizophrenia

After the controversy with Block B in Thailand, the hateful comments by netizens sent P.O to the hospital due to shock and stress-induced schizophrenia.
"According to the psychiatrist, he [P.O.] has been diagnosed with psychiatric disorder schizophrenia. We believe the excessive negative comments are the cause. We’re hoping more speculative criticism does not happen. We were also trying to hide P.O’s hospitalization but the fans found out too fast. Yes, the kids were ignorant and careless but this is too harsh. They are all mentally unstable…"

TOP - Rapid Weight Loss

G-Dragon introduced T.O.P (who was a huge underground rapper) to YG waaaay before Big Bang existed. Trouble was, YG wouldn't take the overweight teenage TOP as a trainee until he lost some weight.
In order to become a trainee, T.O.P ate little to nothing everyday and ran on a treadmill wrapped in plastic bags to sweat out as much weight as possible. He lost 20kg (about 40lbs) in 40 days.

IU - Bulimia, Binge Eating, and Starvation

Before her debut, IU was ridiculed for being chubby and that stressed cause her to eat only an apple a day, or to throw up all of her meals.
"I always had that feeling of anxiety that led me to think there was something lacking in me. At that time, I ate until I threw up and I even sought treatment."

Tao (and many others) - Performing While Injured

The amount of Korean idols that have to perform on injuries (broken or sprained ankles) or have to sing through illnesses is extremely high. They're overworked and are too hard on their bodies.
Don't even get me started on the INSANE diets that these idols put themselves through. That's a whole 'nother card about self destruction.
So just remember, even if you think these people are perfect, they're just as insecure and troubled as you feel sometimes - we're all fighting our own battles.
This is so heartbreaking. You'd think that the entertainment companies would realize that keeping their stars (and potential stars) in the best possible condition, both mentally and physically, would be good for their image and their profits. They can't sell albums or concert tickets if they are in the hospital or experiencing panic attacks or worse. It would be way smarter (not to mention actually ethical) to provide them with constant access to mental health services to help with stress, doctors to make sure they're feeling their best, and nutritionists/meals to help them stay on a healthy diet that provides the nutrition (and adequate calories) to get them through their absurdly busy schedules. If they're expected to be the best, they should be treated like they matter.
i feel guilty for always thinking "man i wish i was like them!" when i see them. it never fails, as im so young i admit im really niave. it breaks my heart to hear that anyone, no matter who they are is going through even the slightest sadness. I cant believe they are treated like robots even when they are noticeably sick/stressed/anything. as a former self-harmer who is slipping back into the dark, i look at these guys and i just.... how could i be so selfish? i just wish everyone could be ok....
First let me say that this is a great card. It's so important for all of us (meaning all as in society as a whole) be reminded of the kind of pressure we put on ourselves, each other, and particularly those in the entertainment industry to look a certain way. Think about it. Why do these idols and the companies that produce them obsess over beauty (or the ideal of beauty)? Who sets those standards? We all do - when we drool over their looks, when we spend millions on their albums, concerts, and merchandise. When we all say as a collective "That is beauty." Then strive ourselves to imitate what we see as desirable. We imitate it and perpetuate the detriment of all of us. (sorry, so depressing) :-(
Korean's obsession with beauty is way too far from normal. Also, This is why netz need to f*cking think before they start criticizing any idol. Being there is not just being pretty and singing good and jumping on stage just like that; it's sweating blood, it's crying and ripping off your throat.
This saddens me. All the things that Kpop idols what to go through just to be "perfect" in someone else's eyes. I remember seeing pictures of TOP being cubby then all of a sudden bang! He's thin! I didn't know it was in that short amount of time. The states have the same problems just like the whole world probably. I could be wrong... People need to learn about inner beauty. Yes, we need to care for our health but not I was that's it harms use. A skinny person can be just as unhealthy as a bigger person and vise versa. It's not the size of the person that makes them who and what they are. It's what we have on the inside and what we put inside our bodies. This also includes what we do to our bodies. So who wants to go to Korea with me and start a campaign? "Fans Care About the Well Being of Kpop Idols". Any takers...?
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