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Yeah... so I didn't make it to the party...
Instead, I bring you Hobi; our Hope, our Angel.
He's such a goof! Such a ham!
He is our hope. He brings happiness to Kpoppers around the world. Our ray of sunshine.
He's always there to entertain us and bring a smile to our faces. And then there is his dancing, both on and off stage.
He's such a bright beacon shinning the way out of the darkness. If we could find a way to harness his happiness, we could power the universe. Thus is the magnificence of his energy.
Dear lord Hobi, Oh lawdy! What would we do without you?
I hope you enjoyed my J-Hope gif card... four boys down, three more to go...
If you want to be added to my BTS tag list or removed, please let me know.
instead i bring you its 15mins til 1am and im stuck looking and reading about these dorks. ❀ my sister pointed out to me that everytime there is a camera recording, Hobi will find a way to make some sort of loud noise/scream in front of it.....i look for those moments now
so... can we talk about how beautiful his eyes are??? 😍😍😍😍
JHope ...cutie ....
Omgee. Add me to your bts tag list please. 😍
Yassss jhoooope !!
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