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I can't really find Wendy and Natsu shippers............
I think Wendy X Natsu is a cute ship. @Lushisushi she's like 410 so chill lol. age is such an irrelevant concept. human beings made it up to keep track of time. it doesn't matter. it has no effect on emotional attachment, it is completely irrelevant in a fictional story with fictional characters, and it's irrelevant to the poster's emotional attachment to his/her fictional ship. I just don't get why people, especially in the anime communities would call out something so inconsequential as someone's fandom ship as wrong for something do irrelevant as a 6yr age difference. when people ship shit like two boys who grew up together. just, open your mind
I kinda ship it
I see Natsu as more of a big brother to her. I don't really ship Wendy with anyone yet.
Its even better considering how both wendy and natsu are from the same time period of 400 years ago.
I see Natsu more as a big brother to her, and Mest/Dorinbolt as more of a father figure @NinjaMouse I don't think I ship her romantically with anyone yet, but I kinda ship her with Shelia as besties
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