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When you feel embarrassed please do cover by using ↝GD way↜
Oh... it hurt.... but I will just scream to the all the fans will know my pain.
how do I get this bracelet on!!...nevermind I will just pretend I am playing with it.
I can't do it, let me just sliding through it..I think no one knows.
I feel so embarrassed...
TOP you too...OMG is everywhere..
TOP: Oops ...sorry
Is okay we always have eachothers♡♡♡♡
I love how they just go with the flow. even if it hurts or is really embarrassing they just act so cute and make us love them even more while down playing their mistake/accident! lol
@BBxGD @katyng52 I know... I must saved the link somewhere... but there are too many...😅😅😅😅
Big Bang gives me so many feels >•< especially GTOP ♡♥♥♡♥♥♡
I laughed harder than I thought I would. lol These moments bring back so many memories. I do basically all same things anymore xD Thanks so much for the biggest smile of my day. ~♡ 고마워요
😂They're adorkable but i would've reacted the same way as GD when he fell.
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