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Okay, so the turn out for K-Drama MCM was INSAAAANE - so I think we can turn this into something even bigger.

Here's what I'm thinking (let me know your thoughts!)
1. Vote for your top 4 favorite people on this list.
2. I will take your votes and based on popularity I'll make brackets where actors will go HEAD TO HEAD and battle for the lead!
3. Each Monday in February you'll vote in the battle and at the end of February we'll have our winner!

First step: Vote today so we can make the head-to-head battles!

You can vote for up to FOUR people!

Leave your votes in the comments!

Once the brackets are set, the first voting round will start February 1!

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Park Bo Gum Seo In Guk Ji Chan Wook So Ji Sub
2 years ago·Reply
Ok this is hard! Like Organic Chemistry hard. Why would you...this line up is...the choices! How do we choose?!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Choi Siwon lee Min ho Lee Jong Suk Seo In Guk
2 years ago·Reply
Ji Soo, Lee Min Ho, KIM SOO HYUN, Lee Hyun Woo
2 years ago·Reply
Have I lost track of this? Who won?
2 years ago·Reply