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When a guy finds out I am Latina, they come up with the weirdest pick up lines ever (most of them being inappropriate). What's some of the things guys have said when trying to pick you up? Or even just a general inappropriate comment?
And let me be honest, I've had generally weird ass pick up lines, even before the guy knew I was Latina.
I think I've told this story, but I had a guy ask me inappropriate, sexual questions (ON THE FIRST DATE, MIND YOU) about what he thought Latinas liked. Because, ya know, porn totally depicts us so well. Oh gosh I just wish I can delete that date from my memory bank...

Got a story?

Yeah, I actually hate it when guys call me 'mami' especially when they're not Latino. It feels soooo weird. @jazziejazz
I hit up the ladies with "If there was no gravity I would still fall for you."
@techatheart that is not even the worst. I had a group of guys singing "shake it like a salt shaker" to me while I was walking down the train station steps. Guys can be wild. Oh how can I forget the club hump that my friend (a male) saved me from . This guy rubbed his body all over me and I pushed him off and he was like look at you look at me on that shit. My male friend got me out of that and my boyfriend walking in one minute later, thank God because I know it would have been a bloody fight.
"So sensual, can you do that with your hips too?" --> guy's first time at a bachata class and seeing bachata in general. "So are your parents legal here? I'm all for helping third world countries." Also, apparently suggesting to take a salsa/bachata dance class for a date sends a message to a guy that you're some spicy oversexualized Latina. The struggle! *facepalm* @LAVONYORK gosh that is terrible and disrespectful 銋犮厾
@LAVONYORK yea I would never say tetas to anyone...I'd say chichis
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