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A few days ago, a video of cops playing a game of pickup basketball with a couple of kids from the neighborhood went viral. The cops were originally sent because there was a noise complaint from the neighbors. Instead of breaking up the game, the cops decided to play a little game of basketball. (You can check out the full story here --> A cop was sent to break up a basketball game and...)

At the end of the video, you can hear a cop saying, "I'll be back with friends for a real game!"

He did bring a friend (not sure if they are real friends or not). The one and only...


[You can watch the full video above!] Basically, Shaq (aka the MAN), saw the video of the cops playing basketball with the kids. So, he decided to pay a little visit. And the kids were of course ecstatic to meet one of the greatest NBA legends of all time. Shaq not only played basketball with them, but also gave these kids a few words of encouragement.

"[I am] proud of you guys, stay out of trouble, listen to your parents, respect your elders, then you can be anything you want to be. I grew up just like this, so you can change this."

I'm just going to add a little bit to what I said in my previous card.

Life is so much better when police officers shoot hoops instead of their guns...and life is so chill when you can shoot hoops with Shaq.

That video is THE BEST thing ever. Shaq really is the man. 💙 😍 Soooo cool.
@nicolejb And especially if it's someone like Shaq doing it. So chill, smooth, and charismatic haha
Totally @mchlyang!! Just a little bit of outreach does a lot of good for communities like this.
@nicolejb Yeah, I really wish more celebrities can get involved like this! It's little things like this that they can do to make the world a better place!
Woooo what a cool guy. I think if I was a celebrity and I heard about this stuff, I would try my darndest to get involved!
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