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I am so happy! Let me just do my happy dance..... *dances** I have an exciting news for ya'll. The Hornets won against Sacramento Kings. Well the amazing part is they won after a double overtime with a score of 129-128. Talk about that! Daniels made the winning 3 points and the BUZZ CITY goes wild!! I'm like so happy for the team. Lin scored 20 points, Daniels with 28 points, and Walker with 24 points. This game made my heart stopped because the gap was so little and I was afraid that the Hornets will make a mistake, but luckily they didn't and they got the win.!!! Thanks for reading! :)
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@alohadaine Hahahah yes!!!!
I applause you for that and I'm grateful @mchlyang
@alohadaine I bet a victory for Hornets fans mean so much more.....I really wish I could see them get better!
It means a lot to me because that means their effort are not wasted and I love the team so much. @mchlyang
@alohadaine The Hornets are so lucky to have a fan like yourself!