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If you never heard of the word 'chonga' it's the close equivalent of what 'chola' means on the west coast. The word 'chonga' is used primarily in Miami, Florida. The term is used to describe someone of lower class (typically Latina), who wears big hoop earrings and draw their eyebrows in like it's a coloring book.

If you want to be a certified chonga, here's what you'll need:

1 - Painted on eyebrows

2 - Hoop earrings with your name in it

3 - Live in Miami

4 - Lip liner needs to be on point

5 - Exaggerate on the baby hairs

the baby hairs!! lol artistically done
@alywoah it's a look that spans all cultures, but those damn earrings is where I personally draw the line. No offense to anyone who owns them.
@EasternShel i was 100 percent a chonga
I would laugh, but I saw those damn earrings with the name and it gave me a ghastly flashback.
@alywoah you ass -_-
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