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Say hello to 100% the scantily clad K-pop group pictured above.

They're here to teach you a new slang word!



백퍼 comes for the term 백 퍼센트
(baek-peo) (baek-peo-sen-teu)

It means....100%!

When you get 100% on a test you can scream "백퍼!!!"

When your friend asks you how serious you are about something you can say "백퍼"
When you ask me how much I love Hakyeon I will NOT say "백퍼"...I will say to infinity and beyond.
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@lovetopia *EVIL LAUGH*
2 years ago·Reply
백포 말도 나대 ! Is this correct? 100% no way!
2 years ago·Reply
Now you have to tell us how to say infinity and beyond XD
2 years ago·Reply
ahahaha I love that gif 백퍼
2 years ago·Reply
the last part is you omj @chahakyum
2 years ago·Reply