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Sooooo.....who else has been watching season 2 of Snow White with the Red Hair?

I finally watched the first 3 eps that have come out so far this season...and it's great!

I actually think that I like season 2 of the anime better than season 1 already.


Well, I like that there has been a theme and plot points that have been carrying through episode to episode. I loved the first season, but overall, there were barely any episodes that really connected to the previous ones, other than in the Zen/Shirayuki are falling in love theme.

I'm really excited to find out more about this "pretty boy!"

And what he wants with Shirayuki, you know?

Who else is watching this show?

I need friends to talk about it with!!!
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I'm here to talk. person
2 years agoReply
@KierraTaylor Yeah, totally agree! @JakeErter great ^-^
2 years agoReply
is season 1 on dvd
2 years agoReply
Im just starting season 1
2 years agoReply
Is season 1 gonna be in English dub on dvd
2 years agoReply