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Thank you @ashleyemmert for the game!!! This is my second card so please forgive any mistakes I make in grammar or with BTS since I am new to them too. Also, I am not familiar with Korean wedding traditions so I made it a more traditional Western wedding. I hope you enjoy the story!

The One You Will Be Marrying

The day was finally here! You were so nervous you couldn't stop pacing frantically. "Y/N! Stop! Your making me dizzy. Girl, you need to calm down, you're going to twist your ankle in those heels," your Maid of Honor, your best girl friend, chastises you. She grabbed your shoulders, directing you to the make-up chair. "I can't believe this is actually happening..." you say trailing off. "What if I mess up? What if something happens? What if I trip? What if he decides he doesn't want to marry me anymore?" You look desperately at your friend. "Stop or I'm going to slap you," she says laughing. She grabs your face and looks straight into your eyes. "Don't worry. Breathe. He loves you more than anything and you know it. Stop freaking out and breathe. Just think about the two of you spending the rest of forever together. Just look at him and no one else. And once you're up there, just look at him." You take a couple deep breaths and look back at her. "Thank you. You always know the right thing to say." "I know," she says cockily, sticking her nose up. "If you're really grateful, you'll hook me up with the Best Man." You both start laughing. Then one of the coordinators walks in, "It's time."

The Best Man

The ceremony was over and everyone had made their way to their seats in the reception hall. You were still in a bit of a daze. You were now Mrs. Kim Namjoon. You couldn't stop beaming as you waited for everyone to sit down. *clink clink clink clink* You saw Hoseok standing up with a glass of champagne and a fork. "Alright everyone. As Best Man, it is my duty to thank you all for coming here to see these two get married. And also apologize for you having to look at my ugly best friend marry one of the most beautiful and amazing women on this planet." "Yah!" Namjoon yelled elbowing him. Everyone laughed. "No, but in all seriousness. I'm so proud of my bro........" And the toasts continued.

Your First Love

Everyone had finished eating and it was time for the bride and groom to have the first dance. Namjoon guided you to the dance floor as the first song started. With one hand on your waist and the other holding your free hand, you two began to dance slowly. Swaying back and forth, you leaned your head on his chest and everything else seemed to fade away. You didn't even realize that the next song had started until someone tapped Namjoon on the shoulder. "May I cut in?" You looked up as Namjoon handed you off. "Hobi," you said smiling. You started to dance to the beat of the faster song. You smiled at him and said, "Who knew that this would happen?" "What would happen?" "My first love would introduce me to the man I would marry?" Hobi laughed suspiciously. "Yeah, who knew?" "Did you introduce us to get us to date?" you asked, cocking your head. "That is entirely within the realm of possibilities. Ow!" he yelped as you hit him on the shoulder. "I should have known. When you introduced him to me out of the blue, I should have gone with my gut. I thought you might have been up to something, but you were so nonchalant about it." He laughed harder. "Yeah, well, I knew my bro. I knew you guys would hit it off. You were definitely his type and while I know he wasn't exactly your type, I knew he could sweep you off your feet. He would be just the right guy for you. Someone I couldn't be." You smiled brightly. "So you're sweet after all, huh Hobi?" You laughed as he feigned a hurt expression. "Alright you two. That's enough touching for one night, I want my beautiful wife back," interjected Namjoon as he whisked you away.

The Wedding Crasher

The reception had been going on for about half an hour when the music suddenly stopped. "Hello ladies and gents!" "Oh no," Namjoon said exasperated. You started laughing. "It is time to have some fun. So what's say we get started!" Suddenly, Gangnam Style started playing. "Maknae!" Namjoon yelled. Jungkook held his hand to his ear and pointed to the speakers mouthing something like he couldn't hear him. All of the BTS boys except Namjoon started doing the moves. You were laughing so hard that you had to sit down. You grabbed Namjoon's hand. "Leave him alone, he's just having fun. Plus it's entertaining." Namjoon was pouting as he sat beside you. You kissed him and said "You look so cute when your pouting." He tried to keep a straight face, but he couldn't when you leaned your face in front of his and started making faces. "Alright, alright." he said laughing. The next 15 minutes were taken up by songs like the Chicken dance and the Macarena. By then, most of the guests had joined in the on the fun. Even the older people in the crowd like the parents and grandparents.

Your Best Friend

You were tired from walking around and dancing so much so you decided to sit down for a little bit. You could see he still had a lot of energy so you told Namjoon to keep mingling with guests. You were sipping your drink when you felt someone touch your shoulder. You turned your head and there was your best friend. "Hey Jimin," you said, standing to hug him, "I haven't seen you all night." "I know, my girlfriend's kept me dancing most of the night," he chuckled. You both sat down. "Congrats. I'm so happy for you!" he exclaimed eye-smiling. Namjoon was of course your best friend, but he was also your love. Jimin was outside that circle and he was your best friend there. You met him and all the other boys right after Hobi introduced you to Namjoon. You two clicked immediately and after knowing him for only a couple months, you felt like you had known him for years. He was the one who helped you figure out that you were in love with Namjoon and then he was the one to help you muster up the courage to confess. Coincidentally (or maybe not, you now thought) Namjoon and you confessed at the same time. He helped you keep in touch with Namjoon when he was too busy working and he made sure to take care of him for you. You loved him like the brother you never had. At first Namjoon was jealous of your closeness, but he trusted both of you and came to understand your unique relationship. Jimin was always there for you and Namjoon and he had helped you guys sort through arguments more than once. "Thank you," you told him. You hugged him again "I don't know what would have happened without you." He smiled again and grabbed your hand. "Then how about a dance." You smiled as he escorted you to the floor.

Was Drunk the Whole Time

You walked to bar to see if they could make you a Sex on the Beach (yes it's a real drink, and it's delicious). As you walked over, you could see Taehyung also walking to the bar- well, trying to walk. He was tipping from side to side and couldn't keep one foot in front of the other. You laughed as you caught up to him and put your hands on his shoulders. "Where do you think you're going?" you asked him laughing. "Oh! Y/N!" he slurred. "I was gonna get a glass of wine!" "Tae...." you said in a mother's voice. "I think you've had enough for now." "There is no such thing as enough!" he remarked loudly as he swung his hands in the air. You started laughing again. You guided him to a table near the outside. "How about this? You sit here and I'll bring you another drink, huh?" "Yeah.....that sounds good...." You walked to the bar laughing and ordered your two drinks. You set Tae's down in front of him. "Thank you," he said his head dropping to one side. "Now stay here and drink." Jin saw the exchange and walked over to you. "Do you think it's a good idea to give him another drink? He looks pretty smashed already." "Don't worry, mom," you laughed, "it's a Shirley Temple. No alcohol. But he'll never know." You both started laughing as you walked back to your seats.

Stole a Kiss From You

The reception was nearing the end and everyone was still enjoying themselves. The photo booth was almost empty of the crowd so you decided to walk over. At the beginning, people were pulling you and Namjoon left and right to get their silly "couple" photos with you guys. You were about to look for Namjoon to see if he wanted to finally get some photos of just you guys when Yoongi came up and grabbed your arm. "C'mon Y/N, it's my turn with the bride." You laughed as you allowed him to pull you along. You two started to dig through the box of silly hats and set a couple aside for each different picture, four in total. Each picture was funnier than the last and then you got to the last one. Right when it was about to take the photo, Yoongi turned and kissed you on the cheek. He startled you and you turned to look at him as he jumped up laughing. "Oh this is going to be awesome," he said to himself. He looked at you. These photos are for me and I already know what I'm doing with them. You looked confused until the realization hit you. You had fallen for his trap! Yoongi had a long-standing "battle" with Namjoon over getting cute photos of you. He liked get a photo and then tease Namjoon endlessly with it until Namjoon would finally jump up and start chasing him. "Yoongi..." you warned. "Hehehe," he giggled and grabbed the photos from the slot. He ran around looking for Namjoon until he finally found him. You saw him saunter his way next to him and then whisper in his ear. He pulled out the picture from behind his back and waited until Namjoon's eyes made it to the last picture. Then he bolted. "Yoongi!" You started cracking up as the chase started. When they made it by you Namjoon looked at you and you just threw your hands up in air. This was the best day of your life and you wished it would never end. You knew things would change, but you were looking forward to spending the rest of your life with the love of your life. You smiled and sighed.
Sorry it's so long, but I just love writing stories and I felt like this needed a really good one. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm sure I made mistakes, but hopefully they weren't too bad. Please let me know if you have any constructive criticism. I am always looking to improve. See you next time!!!
@ashleyemmert I appreciate you taking time to read it! I hope it was enjoyable. And thanks for making the game :)
Yo @SNBlackRose you took this to the next level!
@SNBlackRose of course! And thank you it makes me so happy that people enjoyed it!