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We Winchester's know her as Ruby #1. An unnamed girl is a vessel used by the demons Ruby and Lilith. For most of the third season, the unnamed blonde was possessed by Ruby, who acted as an ally to The Winchester Family under orders from Lilith. Eventhough most demons are concerned evil, however the Winchester family made an ally. During season 3 finale, Lilith used the body as her own in order to trick the Winchesters and send Dean to hell, she was great playing both sides. When Lilith was done with the body, she smoked out of the body and the blonde fell to the floor where she appeared dead, although she may have just been passed out. However, given that she was shot by Bobby with the unfinished Colt and demons don't heal wounds, she was likely dead. Most of the time the shot with the Colt you do not come back from!
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Those are some serious demon eyes!
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I think Ruby is one of the demons I hated the most in the earlier seasons!
I kinda miss Lilith
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