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Recently, my good friend, @christianmordi, wrote a discussion card about DeMarcus Cousins and whether he is the best center in the NBA right now (you guys can check out the card here ---> (Discussion) Is Demarcus Cousins The Best Center In The NBA?) Well, I might have to change my answer to YES, and rank Cousins first, and Anthony Davis second.

Not only did he score 104 points the past two games, he also had 25 rebounds!

Oh, he also just became the fourth player in NBA history to have 100 points and 25 rebounds over a 2-game span in a single season.

No big deal.

Tagging all my basketball fans that participated in the discussion card before!
Damn I gotta agree with you on this one now. That's a lot of points in 2 games.
@KyleBerke Would you say Anthony Davis > DeMarcus Cousins?
@alohadaine It was indeed!
You know a center is great when they're putting up David Robinson numbers.