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Photographed by Marcus Peabody. Hand-built floating cabin in Perry Creek, on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine.
heheh!! yah you defenitely need to look it up that movie. And moreover, that movie is worth to see as well :)
@Tapsamai That's so funny! Someone who has seen the movie. Awesome, I will definitely look it up now.
@yinofyang acctualy I did see that movie too :) !! It was a good movie. The cabin on the lake, so the winter, the lake was frozen, so they can just walk there. And the other seasons they use the boat to go there.
@cheerfulcallie Wow, do they really sis? I didn't know that but I could see it. Noooo way in hell would I want to see a crocodile anywhere near me. Unless it's the zoo. ROFL!
they have homes like this in Louisiana, homes thats floats in the swamps but of course its not this stylish ....now imagine waking up to a crocodile on your front porch, now thats what they have to deal with on a daily basis...
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