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So I was searching through my collection and stumbled upon this from a few weeks ago. I'd completely forgotten I'd wanted to do this so I made a shuffle playlist on Spotify and crossed my fingers for a good one lol @PandaSoapy thanks for sharing this!
I almost got I Need U and No but I ended up with You by the Royal Pirates!! Yes! I love this song, and I love this group when I heard they were coming back the same day as BTS did this past November I was really excited and I couldn't wait for the new album.
Here's a YouTube link to the song.
And here's the English version done by them as well :) I'm a fan of both, mostly because it's not another group doing a English cover it's beautiful ♡♡♡♡♡
My yeah it's you Jungkookie ♡♡♡♡ "I was in the dark but now you're all I see"
...I got N.O. Lol @lilysilver
My fav is jimin
I got an Arabic song and the meaning of it is don't think that you can do what ever you have a line and you don't cross don't try to show off cuz I know you take over my heart and then it says my friends warned me about you I got my eye on you