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Kpop has ruined me
My sleep schedule is all kinds of fucked up. My time Go to sleep: 4 or 5 am Wake up: 2 pm (go crazy!) Korean time: Go to sleep: 9 pm Wake up: 7 am ....ugh...
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Omg same!! I don't get it. I'm obsessed with kpop and Korea it's so unhealthy. I was never like this with American singers. I wa grounded for two months and now I can't listen to music or play with my phone or laptop. I'm dieing kpop an Korea have taken over me. But idc I'm moving there and going to school there. Idk it's so wired how obsessed I am with it. Kpop had ruined me! Lol but I'm happy about it
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you have sold your soul to the kpop devil
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@leab259 I didn't mean to! oh well I'm stuck here forever might as well enjoy it
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