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I hate my life at home. I'm trying desperately to save up enough to move out so I don't have to deal with the judgement anymore... I'm the black sheep of my entire family and they all judge me and look at me with discontent. I work my ass off, have a good paying job, and pay my own fucking bills... Yet the fact I have big gauges in my ears, my Monroe and septum pierced, have a shit ton of tattoos, and watch anime.... I'm weird and a degenerate... Just ready to get away. :/
@NicheTake I like them o.o
You sound pretty badass too me. Keep your chin up and I'm sure something good will come your way.
i can totally relate. im the black sheep of my family. I have no one as well im hated since I was 5 and ever since my family has been treating me wrong. If you want someone to talk to Feel free to contact me i am all ears i can relate...
dude, I was looked as the black sheep in both my family and the preppy group of friends I had.. but the thing is, you can't let people get you down or they'll win. Keep your head up and don't stop doing what you love to do, just do what makes you happy.
I sometimes feel the same way but you gotta remember it doesn't matter what they say you have to be yourself and do whatever makes you the happiest in your life @UzumakiJess
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