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Hey guys, wanna join Fairytail on Kik well then tell me and I'll hook you up :3 we have Extra Characters (like made up) and the actual guild people these are the pictures on whos already on. you can choose someone in the anime or make one put its your choice. PM me and I'll tell the guild we even do crazy ships. for example we have CanaXSting lol. We can't wait to meet you guys In desperate need for a Carla and a Lector
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@Boinx Those are the ones off top of my head. Be nice to have an ultear tbh
2 years ago·Reply
I'll be Mavis @AnthonyGentry
2 years ago·Reply
ok I'll add you
2 years ago·Reply
@Boinx I think it worked
2 years ago·Reply
I got rid of kik my mom made me I can't have it anymore I'm sorry @nena2kris1
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