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Okay, Good morning Vingle Nakama!! So @InVinsybll had a challenge earlier and it was "My Ideal Anime Self" and now I'm going to ask you if you had the power and talent and money To Make Your Signature Anime, What would it be like?
So, it's gonna be based on a couple of base questions...

1. What is the production studio responsible for your anime?

Pssst check out fellow awesome vingler @VoidX with his awesome card bout anime production studios if you need help of thinking of ones

2. What's the genre?

Action, Romance, Slice of life, Comedy, a mix of many?

3. What's the setting?

Where and when is your anime taking place? Is it in modern times? Futuristic? Feudal?

4. Who's the protagonist and antagonist?

A great anime has got to have some rivalries. hehe XD

5. What will be your role?

(yeah! Man, maybe even your ideal self from @InVinsybll challenge can finally make a cameo somewhere hehe X3 ) May or may not go in line with #4

6. What's your title?! (:

(The best for last. What is the line that perfectly describes your signature anime?) So for me... here is my Signature & Ideal Anime! XD

1. Bones

I really like the work this studio has done with Zetsen no Tempest, FMA, Noragami, and many others. (X And I think this studio is best suited for my overall look and idea for this anime. Check out their website! Its really cool and interesting. But whats crazy is there are so mnay famous titles of animes and you dont think to realize what studio made them and when you find out its sooo cool!

2. A mix of Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, and of course some Comedy

Myanimelist made a wonderful page listing all the genres shown above! It's a wonderful reference and im surprised by how much is really out there, so tell those anime haters to give anime a chance and show them this, cuz I'm sure theres a genre that they love and anime to go along with it if they give it a chance!

3. Setting

I would like to set my anime in the time of Greek & Roman Gods, Goddess, and Heros in Ancient Greece and Rome. I like the idea and story of the Percy Jackson & Heros of Olympus series (S/O to all the fans!!! it's soooo amazing! Love all the books! Rick Riordan is terrific!) where the gods are still very much alive and have present day demigod children who have tough the real world and the beings of myth.

4. Protagonist(s) & Antagonist(s)

But for the anime I think it would be dope to stick to ancient times and see what it was like to be the son of Poseidon like Tritan and Theseus or the son of Zeus like Percues and what of all these heros met up.. and went on an adventure...? Who specifically..? I guess it depends on whose myth and epic to take the story in. hahaha there are sooo many heros and monsters and evil beings and soooo many gods and goddesses but it would be interesting to see how to intertwine their stories to make a overall story plot XD

5. My Role

I honestly I dont know. I mean many famous demigods were male because females were not of high stature/as important but I mean I wouldn't mind being a love interest of a hero only if my hero is faithful unlike their godly parent haha XP

6. Title...TBA...

Man I looooovvvveeee Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru noha Machigatteiru darouka and that is an hilarious title to a similar themed anime and I cant top that but I mean I really like something like..

"A Walk in Olympus" Or "The Path of a Warrier"...

I really dont know haha I'm not good at this haha

Thanks for reading guys! And I ask you to make a card!! What is your signature anime? Make a card and tag me in it!

Tag the Mod team too! @InVinsybll @VoidX @Danse @hikaymm @TylerDurso
I would totally watch this :D
It just dawned on me. There's an anime that takes gods of different cultures and puts them in a scenario to be connected with humanity. The anime is Kamigami no Asobi. And it took these Greek gods, Nordic gods, Japanese gods, and basically made them go to *sighs* fucking highschool. But it was OK. Check it out for some ideas
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@tbell2 you can always tag me! I'll have to think about this one...
ahhh cool haha nice nice @MetalMorgan
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