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just tagging @theprincess I with be leaving for a day, cause im going to utah & my family is driving I will not be able to see, post any cards for today but in the evening I will.
I....I...well yes V you may & I will hug you cause I hate haunted house
I can actually see that. I so love this game
oh you bad boy but I won't tell Jin you did that.
yessss suga, were going to be eating suga flavor lol
oh my V I just can't take it with anymore too much. if only this was real.
awwe yeah couple-selcas with Rap mon the best.
ahhhh V why you messing with my heart. I got two kisses by the two handsome/cute men yesss I think while play this game I just died like I for got how to breathe anyhoo I had fun playing this game