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Sorry for the wait but here is Part Five. Hope you all enjoy it. Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list for the next part.
Jungkook’s POV
Jungkook made a b line for the staircase. He followed the winding stairs until he reached the roof and threw open the door. His heart sped fast but he wasn’t sure if it was because of what he had seen, his embarrassment of his own reaction, or having run up the stairs… Probably all three if he was honest with himself. Sitting on the steps near him he dropped his head into his hands. How could he have reacted like that? Just seeing someone hugging her and holding her hands was enough to send him into such a fit of anger?
He had clearly heard them talking about making a song together and he knew exactly who the man was, but the way she smiled at him and called him ‘Oppa’ with such endearment ripped at Jungkook’s heart.
When had the feelings started? Jungkook shook his head slightly. He wasn’t sure when he had started to feel this way towards Payj. He had always thought she was pretty, but he thought other girls were pretty too and he never got angry when someone else touched them. Without his notice he had started to become protective of her, and worry about her wellbeing, and now? Now he was jealous. Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh at himself. He had watched the other members fall for girls and could never understand why they would wear all of their emotions on their sleeves, but now here he was doing the same thing. The irony was not lost on him.
“Jungkook?” He froze and slowly looked up at the all too familiar voice. “Is everything ok?” Payj stood there looking down at him a look of worry on her face. He knew she had had to see the look on his face before he ran off, otherwise she wouldn’t have come up here to check on him.
Was he supposed to tell her the truth? ‘No Payj I’m not ok. You cannot let other people touch you anymore.’ He snickered to himself. Knowing Payj she would take it as him trying to be controlling and it would only make her think he was challenging her. The last thing he needed right now was to push her more into Siwon’s arms. Her face had soured when he snickered and he shook his head plastering a halfhearted smile on his lips. “I’m ok Noona. No need to worry.”
She slightly bit her lip and furrowed her brows, a hint of a real smile played on his lips. She would always do that when she was thinking. Especially when she couldn’t figure out a way to do something. It was one of her cute quirks he didn’t think even she knew she had. “Don’t worry Noona.” He repeated as he stood up and put his hand on her shoulder. “I’m just not feeling well. I think I am going to go back to the dorm and get some rest.”
“Do you want me to walk you there?” He could tell she was worried. She was always worried about everyone but herself. That was her greatest feature yet her biggest flaw.
“No Noona. You go back to practice. Tell Siwon that I am sorry for the interruption and would like to greet him properly next time.” With one last smile at her, he turned to leave.
The moment he hit the elevator to head to the first floor his smile melted into a frown and he decided he needed a drink more than sleep.
The bar was quiet at this time of night. Most people out drinking had moved to the night stalls and Jungkook couldn’t have been more thankful. The last thing he wanted was a group of screaming girls following him. A man played the piano on the stage and a few couples were scattered here and there at the tables. He decided to hide in a corner at a table that could only be seen by someone standing on the stage and drink by himself. He thought for a moment about calling one of the guys to come drink with him, but he knew that they would invite Payj and it would only make her mad that he had lied to her about going back to the dorm to rest.
The waitress brought over a bottle of Soju and he thanked her after asking if she could bring another bottle. He pushed the shot glass aside and decided to chug right out of the bottle. No one was drinking with him and the only person that would be able to see him would have to have leaned around the piano so he didn’t care. The bottle was gone in moments and he watched as the man at the piano decided to take a break.
Without a second thought he got up and walked over to the piano. He ran his hands lightly over the keys thinking of the night he played for Payj. Sitting down he decided to give the few couples in the bar a nice private concert. He started to play the first song that came to his mind, a cover of ‘Fools’ he had done with Namjoon.
The song came to an end and he nodded thinking it was fitting to call himself a fool. Out of all the girls of Mix It he had to fall for the one who basically wanted nothing to do with anything but work. He went to stand up and realized that everyone in the bar was staring at him and clapping. With a smile that made some of the girls gasp he waved and walked back to his seat where the waitress had brought over not only one but two new bottles of soju.
His head was going to explode. The light was too bright and he realized he wasn’t in his own room but didn’t have the energy to try to piece that puzzle together yet. It wasn’t until MiMi leaned over him and said good morning that he not only finally decided to move… but jumped completely out of the bed and landed on the floor.
MiMi started laughing hysterically and Namjoon came running into the room. He looked from MiMi perched on the bed to Jungkook on the floor and walked over putting his hand out to help Jungkook off the floor. “I told you to wake him up not scare him to death.”
She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “I woke him up. He just freaked out a little bit.”
“Yea just a little bit Noona.” Jungkook rubbed his bum and looked around at the room finally realizing he was back at the dorm in Namjoon’s room. “When did I get in last night?”
Namjoon laughed. “Well I brought you home way past your bed time.”
Jungkook looked at him in confusion then at MiMi who just leaned back on the bed and nodded. “We left our date to go pick you up from that bar. You were rather gone by the time we got there, but with six empty bottles of soju and a kettle of rice wine I’m not sure how you even managed to call Namjoon.”
Jungkook winced slightly. He hadn’t remembered drinking all of that, but then again he didn’t remember most of the night after he got off the stage. “Don’t worry the waitress said you just sat at your table mumbling about seniors, duets, and green eyed angels?” Jungkook winced again and shook his head. At least he hadn’t drawn too much attention to himself. “The waitress said she called us when you handed her your phone and said it was time to go home. You told her to call anyone but green eyes because she would be mad.” Namjoon laughed. “Why would Payj be mad if you called her to come get you?”
Jungkook rubbed his face and sighed. “I told her I was sick so I wanted to go home to sleep.”
MiMi seemed to perk up at the mention of Payj and her eyebrow raised so high he thought they would have gone all the way to the moon if they weren’t attached to her face. “That didn’t look like your bed Kookie.” He knew she loved secrets, but he also knew she couldn’t keep anything from Payj. Since she was here and she knew what was going on he might as well tell the truth and prepare to deal with Payj later.
“I know. I decided I needed a drink so I went out.” Jungkook shrugged.
“By yourself?” MiMi was not just asking anymore, she was digging. She was like a blood hound for secrets and putting her nose where it didn’t belong.
“I didn’t want Payj and Siwon to come so I figured I would just drink on my own.”
“Why would you not want them to come? I mean you should respect your senior Siwon and you get along with Payj so I would think you would have invited them.” Both her tone and her smirk gave off the fact that she had figured it all out, and yet she would not stop asking questions until she got him to tell her from his own mouth.
Telling her meant so many things though. In telling her he would have to admit to himself his own feelings and stop hiding from them, and she would tell Payj for sure. He sighed and wondered if he could escape the room before she got any information out of him.
“Don’t even think about escaping Kookie.”
He flinched. Of course she would pick up on the fact that he was thinking of running away. Jungkook slumped on the bed and put his head in his hands. “I... likishibnoonkisha”
MiMi cocked her head to the side and grabbed his hand pulling it away from his face. “What was that dear?”
He looked up his face and ears completely red. “I like Payj.”
MiMi looked at him with a satisfied grin. She had gotten what she wanted, a confession. Everyone knew he liked Payj but she and Namjoon had started to wonder if he knew he liked her. MiMi knew it was mean but she was the one who contacted Siwon about coming to see Payj. She didn’t know they would end up making a song together but over all her plan had worked. She clasped her hands together and with a sweet smile she looked at Jungkook. “You my dear, may be the stupidest one of them all.”
He felt like he had been smacked by a brick. How could she smile so sweetly at him and yet call him an idiot for liking Payj. He was once again reminded that he rarely ever understood MiMi. “Sweetie, you could have picked an easier girl to like you know?” He shook his head. MiMi was right. Liking Payj was difficult because she never wanted to do anything but work on her music.
“She is completely oblivious to anything and everything.” MiMi added. “The boys and myself all realized you liked her before either of you realized it I think.” Namjoon nodded in agreement.
Jungkook looked at the floor. He wasn’t ready to give up on Payj but he was at a loss of what he could do. “What should I do?” He asked. If anyone knew Payj it was MiMi and he wasn’t about to hand Payj over on a silver platter to Siwon. Looking up he noticed Namjoon and MiMi smiling at him. “What?”
“That’s the spirit. You want to get Payj you can’t act all shy and embarrassed all the time because she doesn’t understand. You have to be straight forward and honest with the girl. That is the only way to let her know you do like her.”
Jungkook nodded. Maybe it was time to tell Payj how he felt.
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