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We all love our anime right? But let's put then against DC? Who do you think will win? I can't decide it's too hard? Oh and it's good to be back I haven't been on in awhile
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whistle reverses time for only 2 minutes wouldn't make a difference
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@Abe21 I didn't say flash could beat Saitama I just mentioned him as a very important person on dc side who can go back in time and step into the future if he wanys
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I would also like to include that just because Saitama(one punch man) defeats the foes in his world with one punch doesn't he can defeat everyone with one punch...it's just that probably the people who he has faced is just not on his level or above his level...i would just like to bring that up because that is something to think about
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who ever the writer wants to win lol
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