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Curvy ladies, it's the moment you've all been waiting for.

It's no secret at all that the world of online dating has definitely taken off in a positive manner. There's literally something for everyone. You have the dating apps for the heterosexuals, the homosexuals, the woman who likes to make the first move and now, you have the app for the woman who is a bit more fluffy and the man who loves his women that way. Talk about amazing. Body positivity is definitely getting the recognition it deserves and although I'm not too much of a dating app fan anymore, I find this to be extremely perfect.
As a woman with a little more fluff myself, I totally get the idea of not knowing what to expect when you go onto sites like Tinder or Bae. Well, ladies today happens to be your lucky day. Grab your phones and download WooPlus -- the app that already has a whopping 10K+ users since November. The Daily Dot had a chance to speak with the spokesperson of WooPlus and they said this about the app: "Tinder for BBW" (instead of simply a mobile version of a dating site, which they say most other BBW dating apps are) because it relies on mutual swiping before users can chat. That's particularly awesome since it could in theory cut down on the number of rude comments men might make if messaging were the typical online dating free-for-all." The great thing about this app is that fluffy women can feel welcome and beautiful -- which they should regardless. Li also added one last great thing about the app, "you don't need to have a low BMI [body mass index] to be attractive". Fellas, if you love them thick and ladies if you're looking for a man who appreciates all of you -- don't wait any longer. WooPlus is calling your name.

Ladies, what do you think?

I would love to hear from all my body positive women:
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Same here @AlloBaber it's very rare you will get anything like that on here.
@jordanhamilton LOL "fluff"... I love that XD I think this dating app is awesome. I'm glad you highlighted it!! It's a big step forward for body positive dating, because it helps weed out people from the start, meaning you get more high quality matches :)
Totally agree!!! I'm so proud that body positivity is finally being shown in a positive light. It's about time. And yes,"fluff" @TerrecaRiley reminded me of that one haha @AlloBaber
@AlloBaber yeah that was weird and gross
@shannonl5 I closed my OKC account. I was tired of sending messages and getting no replies at all.