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This is the second floor, I think. Still a long way to go to the top.
@shoenami You are! I'm trying to think of one for you, myself. (^_~)
@YinofYang lol I noticed that too! I'm suddenly coming up with nicknames! lol I have no nickname for you yet though.. I need more time lol
@shoenami I think that title works very well for him. Are you sitting around coming up with nicknames for everyone?! LMAO! Do I have I want to know?!?! @carlosdang Oh, my god, that sounds so, so relaxing and wonderful. @shoenami Hammock sounds divine too!
@carlosdang you deserve that title! but i'm sorry, Summer still is lazy-ing around on a white beach with a book, drinking cocktails while swinging on a hammock!~
@YinofYang , that green grass that you see here is Champ de Mars. Basically during summer, everyone just lays around on the grass and drink wine and eat cheese and baguette and play guitars. Really, summer doesn't get any better than that.
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