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So one day Bangtan had a day off and they did not want to stay in the house. So Rap Mon suggested that we got to a carnival. Every one agreed and we headed on our why. On the way there Rap Mon held my hands being a good guy he was protecting me for what I had no idea. Jungkook was jelous and walked ahead if use ignoring the others when they tried to talk to him. When we arrived I wabted to go to the haunted house. I was willibh to take one boy with me. All seven of them fought on who was going with. I made thwm do rock, paper, scissors. Jhope was the one who won but the look on his face told me he felt like he just lost soul. I told him while we waited in line he could hold my hand. Through tge whole time we were in there he ended up hugging me callong for his mom. I felt bad for him since he was scared. Though I couldn't help but laugh which in return I received a glare. whe. we walk through the exit Jin grabed my hand and woth his long legs we were in line for the Farris wheel. Once we were on and making our way to the top Jin got really quiet. I looked at him and before I knew it he kissed me. I blushed and looked away. After the Farris wheel Jimin was wait along with the others. He was the only on eating cotton candy. So I grabbed a piece and he smiled while looking away. We all stood by the farris whell when Jin who I had no idea disappeared reappeared with a giant teddy bear. I think this was his why of him saying he was sorry for kissing me. A few of us wabted ride more rides and the ithwers wanted to play games. we all split up and promised to met by the entrance in an hour. Jungkook pulled me aside pulled out his phone. He knew I hates selcas but with a cute frown from him I aloud him to take couple selcas with me. After a long day we started to walk home and I went my way and the others went their. While I was walking a hand grabbed mine. It was Jungkook. We walked in silence until we reached my house. When he walked me to my door he gave a kiss before running away. there you go my results @thePinkPrincess