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I keep hearing people saying that Fairy Tail is lame and I really would like to know why they are so many negative comments about it, whereasin the meantime, so many people love it. So, Fairy Tail lovers/haters: bring your arguments on!
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I've never seen it. From what I've seen in fanfic, fanart, and people fanning over it, the characterization seems alot like One Piece. Natsu's character instantly reminded me of Luffy. Happy to Chopper, Juvia to Sanji, etcetera. I've also heard the amount of episodes is ungodly, which means the anime was a huge hit at one point or another, ultimately creating haters that hate on similar anime (like One Piece, Naruto, and Pokemon) just because it's mainstream and they don't have the time or want to get into such a long anime.
then who is that?
@JackiStyles if you haven't watched the anime, I don't want to spoil it for you but let's just say that Zeref is a pretty important mage and that his actions and the stuff he created, have all had an impact in the course of the characters' adventures (mostly in the bad way).
is it in the manga? did I miss it?
@JackiStyles I don't really know about fairy Tail itself because I've been watching the anime only but I'm positive Zeref is in Fairy Tail zero (the manga).