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Who Am I ♡

My bffff tagged me so lets get to know me Vingle fam ♡

Name: Violeta Del Rio (But i go by Violet) Born: 12/25/95 in Mission Viejo, California * but i was raised in Arizona * Age: 20 (non korean age) Nationality: I am mexican american. Interests: Kpop, Kpop, K dramas.. and Kpop ahahah jk jk Besides Kpop and Kdramas my interests include singing, playing guitar and piano, anime, video games, nail art and makeup. Favorite song: I can't just pick one ahhhh ahjjdhddgduis!! The struggle is too real guys.! Fun Facts: - Proud Primadonna, IGot7,and Army but i love other groups as well. -Ft island are the reason i got into Kpop. - Im studying to become a cosmotologist and nail tech. -My hair is currently purple -I used to have black hair (which i miss dearly) -Im the 2nd oldest of 6 kids -Proud mother to my puppy Luna -I want to learn Korean and i am able to pick up few Korean conversations (Thanks to Kdramas and Kpop) -My favorite Social Media app is Vinge!!! Thats pretty much it lolol hope you guys got to know me a little better. I don 't have many friends haha so i tag who ever reads this!! Till next time Vingle fam.♡♡~
Awwww thank you so much!! ♡♡♡ @AaliyahNewbell
omg! I love your shirt and you are so pretty!
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