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YAS I GOT MY KOOKIE!!! WOOOOO! He is only 10 days older than me too so it works XD
Suga as the best man is a very funny picture to imagine... I feel like he would sleep through the whole wedding...
OMO YAH! What is he doing as the best man if he is my first love...Aigooo...AWKWARD
LMAO I feel like he would crash the wedding with those dance moves of his....and give everyone a heart attack...
Yay!! V would be an awesome best friend!! He's weird...I am weird...it's perfect XD
I could see this happening... he would be really funny to watch...lol
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hahah i see him in a big tuxedo so he can do that sleeve dance thingy xD
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hahahaha omg gotta do this game for real
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