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They both look at each other, and she slowly hid her daughter behind her. "Jen-ho. How you been?" "When you returned?" "A week ago. My father passed away. How you been?" Jiyong was about to reach her hand. But she quickly moved her hands back., and avoid him from touching her. "Jen-ho, please" "Stay away Jiyong. Why you came back? What for you came back? Huh?" "Jen-ho, please let me explain. I'm sorry!" "Your sorry?.. ohhh your sorry..Well that explains your excuses huh." Jen-ho looks at his eyes and quickly look down, holding her tears. "Why you stopped texting me. Why you didn't came back after two years like you promised?" Jiyong looks down, and Jen-ho grabs her stuff and her daughter. "Forget about me Jiyong." Then she walked away. Jiyong saw her walk away, and saw the little girl. The little girl looks at Jiyong and waves goodbye.
"Mommy who is that guy" "Someone who lost himself" Jen-ho said towards her daughter. The little girl turned around and saw Jiyong looking at them. She then signal Jiyong to wait in the park. He saw the signal of the little girl, and agreed. "Mommy can I get ice cream?" "yes sweetie, you can have any kind." Jen-ho is an owner of a ice cream shop. A business which is keeping her and her daughter alive. When Jen-ho opened her shop, her daughter started to jump up and down. Jen-ho sees the excitement and smiles the innocence of her daughter. "What kind of ice cream you want sweety?" "Can I have vanilla with strawberry, but make that two please" "Why two?" "When I was playing at the park, i promise my friend ice cream, but you rush me out." Jen-ho looks at her daughter. "hm.. ok. Two orders of vanilla and strawberry ice cream" "Yay!!'' Jen-ho then gives her daughter two mini cups of ice cream. Then the little girl starts running towards the park. Jen-ho only smiles and looks as her daughter leaves towards the park. Then Jiyong went into her mind. Her eyes starts to get watery, her heart starts to hurt. "You came back, when I'm prisoned"
Jiyong is sitting on a bench, playing with his fingers. He can't stop thinking of how Jen-ho is a mother and settled. "Mister.." A little girls voice appeared. Jiyong looks at the little girl who called him. Her big shiny brown eyes with beautiful black soft hair shined his eyes. "Hello" Jiyong replied. The little girl hands him an ice cream. Jiyong took the ice cream and smiled at her. She quickly sat next to him. "My name is Jin-ho, what's yours mister" She asked and then grab a spoonful of ice cream. "I'm Jiyong, how old are you, Jin-ho." "I'm 7 and I'm in second grade" "That's great. How's school?" "Its ok. My mom makes me study a lot and now I'm a top student in my school. But some other kids make fun of me and calls me smarty pants" Jiyong smiles, cuz he was called the same when he was young also. "Don't worry what they say, its good to be a smarty pants." "Why?" "You will soon become so smart that everyone will soon look up to you and be happy for your strong efforts." Jin-ho looks at Jiyong and smiles brightly. "How do you know my mom, Jiyong" "We was very close friends when we went to school together " "But why she wasn't happy to see you?" " I didnt kept a promise" Jiyong looks down and the smiles at Jin-ho. "your handsome" Jiyong giggles "Thank you, and your very beautiful. I bet your daddy is handsome too" Jin-ho shakes her head no "He ain't my daddy, and he is not handsome like you. He is very me.." "Jin-ho!!!" Jen-ho calls her daughter. "I gotta go, mommy is calling me." "Here, call me if anything. The ice cream was delicious. It was my favorite flavors" "Mines too" Jin-ho giggles. Then she grabbed Jiyong's business card. She starts walking out if the park, then she turned around and waved at Jiyong. Jiyong waved back with a smile.
Jin-ho put the card inside her pocket, and then enters the ice cream shop. "I'm back mom" "Let's go sweety" Jen-ho reached out her hand and Jin-ho grabbed her hands. As they walk to their home. Jin-ho was curious about her mom and Jiyong. "Mommy why you was mean to that mister at the park. I thought we was suppose to forgive those who are sorry" "Some people don't deserve it sweety." "How can you know that?" "Inside your heart, you will know." They enter the house , and Jin-ho went to her room. She grabbed the card put it inside her backpack. As time past by .. Jin-ho went to the kitchen to help her mom set up the table. As she was setting up the table, she keeps remembering Jiyong and his smile. Then all of a sudden. The door beeps and opens. Her heart sank. It was her stepfather. "Dinner's ready." "Yes." Jen-ho's voice got small. They all sit down at the diner table. Everyone was quite. Jin-ho avoid eye contact from her stepfather. Then the stepfather took a bite on a food, and didn't seem to like the taste. He grabbed his wine and throe it at Jen-ho's face. "This taste terrible, you expect me to eat this kind of food." "Jin-ho go to your room please" "No, she stays right here, and see how of a worthless mother she has." "Jin-ho go please, go!" Jin-ho quickly got up and went running to her room. He goes behind her and grabs her hair. "Let me go!! Mom, MOM!!" Jin-ho screamed. The Jen-ho grabbed his hands and making him to let go of Jin-ho. He let's her go, and she quickly ran into her room and lock her door. Then she runs under her bed. She cover her ears and close her eyes, but she can still hear her mother begging him to stop. She just quietly cried till she fell asleep.
Jen-ho lays on the kitchen floor. She can't move. " I want this house cleaned by the time I come back, you stupid bitch" He walked out of the house, then Jen-ho broke down crying. She can't believe that she is living in this type of live, and wonders how she got into this. She slowly got up and went to her daughters room. She unlock the door and went under the bed and pull Jin-ho out and place her to the bed. "I'm sorry sweety, I will find a way to get us out of here" She then kiss Jin-ho's forehead. Jen-ho starts to clean up the mess and then Jiyong came into her mind. "Jiyong.." Jen-ho heart was breaking again.
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