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My name is Alicia Rodriguez Ruiz but I mostly use alicia ruiz I am a writer, fangirl and straight up stuck up, rude personality like person but I'm actually a bowl of kimchi I moved to the US when I was 8 years old until now. I like to read smut fanfiction, eat, go shopping for simple but yet nice clothing. My favorite colors are black, red and white I am Hispanic from Cuba, currently living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I am learning Korean, I love watching kdramas and sometimes when I'm bored I write fanfiction. I'm not that good at make up but I practice a lot when I have nothing to do. Kpop groups I'm into: BIG BANG, BTS, EXO, Got7 Solo Kpop artists that I like: Lim Kim, Ailee, G.Soul, hyuna Favorite songs: Lim Kim- Stay Ever, Jhope- 1 verse, BTS- Butterfly, Big Bang- Sober, Infinite- Bad, BTS- Run, BTS- No more dreams, BTS- λ±Šμƒˆ, BTS- Dope, BTS- Danger. Addictions: BTS Bomb, MarkSon, Kaisoo, Food, music, smut fanfiction, Kpop, Ramen, Korean language, imagining myself in situations that will never happen (like being an amazing dance and meeting BTS because my mom doesn't care about the concerts) *notice me Senpai*
HAVE A NICE DAY!!! (I can't tag cuz I forgot usernames)
@UnnieCakesAli ..agree with @BBxGD read lots of non fiction. @MaricelvaRomero ..I love guys..Of course we have to support them.. Hello!???
@UnnieCakesAli Unnie loves you. πŸ’– You look very beautiful and keep writing and read non-fiction books. it will help you use your imagination and make up stories. I believe in you. FIGHTING!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–
@UnnieCakes yesss!!!! When they do we will support all the way!!!
@MaricelvaRomero they never stop sailing. One of these days they will admit their relationship and all world breaks down!!
Oh and MARKSON is the best!!!! @UnnieCakesAli
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