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And with a theme of "Punk: Chaos to Couture," the looks were bound to go in an especially costume-y direction. That worked out pretty well for some (Madonna!). For others, not so much. Collins, who is known for her strong brow, went even stronger and paired them with some serious "Black Swan"-like shadow. Meanwhile, Goodwin went so dark from the edge of her eyelid up to her brow, it was frighteningly difficult to tell hair from skin. Color doesn't always equate to punk either, as Kristen Stewart and Elle Fanning learned the hard way. Stewart already broke the mold with her funky, voluminous, burgundy Stella McCartney jumper, but the matching red eye shadow that got darker as it moved towards her nose was on another level. We like the whole androgynous thing she was going for -- we're just not sure it worked. As for the younger Fanning, we must applaud the 15-year-old for taking more fashion risks than most actresses three times her age. However, it doesn't always pay off, and while we don't hate Elle's tie-dyed Rodarte frock, we can't say that extending its blue and red hues to her eyelids was such a wise choice. The "Mad Men" ladies also went a little mad when it came to their makeup. Seriously, what would Betty Draper say if she saw January Jones's black gemstones glued to the sides of her nose? And we're not even sure we have words for Jessica Pare's look. cr:yomg
Very true!.. @PiuPiuPENGUIN some of them really went overboard!.. XD
Looks like an Emo parade xD
@PiuPiuPENGUIN lol.. this year's gala was actually kinda fun! XD
oh wow, i dunno what to say O_O
@Yinofyang @kristenadams @blairwitme but you can look kinda "punky" without looking Halloween-y, Gisele Bundchen rocked it! Madonna was great too!
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