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It is my wedding day! The crowed rises as the I walk down the isle. I see the face of my Chinchim. My short, fun, affectionate little fiance who is looking at me with a bright white smile, my favorite smile. Every moment passes so quickly and before I know it "You may now kiss the bride." Its awkward to do in front of so many people but he pulls me in and gives me a lovely peck on the lips. The crowds whistle and holler as he goes in for a second, deeper kiss. Both kisses sucked however because we were both smiling so widely. Our happiness cannot be counted or measured by anything earthly.
Jimins best friend Yoongi pats him on the back as Jimin finishes the second kiss. The most careless, yet caring guy Ive ever met is Yoongi, and I am happy that a man of such stellar talent and heart is my husbands best friend. "You're next" I mouth at him as Jimin embraces me. Yoongi just smiles and shakes his head. These two guys are the dream team. One is a genius rapper and the other a powerful dancer and singer; complementing each other perfectly.
Jimin grabs my hand and we slowly walk back down the isle together. The tall blonde sticks out like a volcano in the middle of a prairie. We only wished for each other to be happy when we ended our relationship back then. Namjoon and I met in middle school and dated the first couple years of college, but our different dreams for the future and personality clashes were signs that we were not meant to be. He genuinely smiles and nods in approval as I continue to the reception. An official ending to anything we had, were, and ever could have been.
Jimin and I were about to cut the cake when orange slivers of foam started impaling the delicate, expensive cake. We looked up and of course saw Heokjin, Jimins sister in laws oldest son holding an automatic nerf gun. My wedding is supposed to be a special, sacred day and the crowed seemed offended at the action. Jimin and I however were not offended in the least bit. He and I laughed in amusement at our cake because Jin knew our funloving hearts so well, that he made a precious memory for me to smile at forever.
What better way to spend the rest of your life than with your best friend? As all the groomsmen, bridesmaids, family, friends, and coworkers pass the microphone around and share funny memories, hopes for our future, and insightful words about our chemistry, I cant help but think of how lucky I am. I can always tell Jimin anything, and he always understands. We can have romantic dates full of blushing snd cheesiness; and we can also get boba together as a friendly meeting and joke around about food puns. It becomes Jimins turn to get the mic and say something...
*Eeuuuuughh!*Jimin burped into the microphone. He had been drinking way too much. Anytime Jimin is given a chance to show off how much of an idiot he is, he truly shines. The crowed laughs and I laugh. With a drunk husband, it looks like I'll be the one driving us to our new home for our first wedded night. This should turm out interesting....
During the reception, I had to use the restroom. I excused myself and walked down the back h as llway of the church to the less popular restrooms. By a miracle of the heavens I managed to pee without screwing up my dress. I centered my dress in the mirror when the lights suddenly went out and I was in the pitch dark. "Hello? Jimin?" I asked. My heart pounded as I heard footsteps coming toward me. A hand went around my waist and before I knew there were lips touching mine. I kissed back thinking it was Jimin, but upon the smell and feel of the body I realized my grave mistake. "WHO THE FREAK IS THIS??¿¿??" I screamed and pushed off the body. The lights went on suddenly and I saw the face of the person I least expected.... One of my childhood best friends Hoseok. I also saw the person who turned on the lights standing in the doorway. A drunk Jimin. It took him about five seconds to realize what happened. He attacked Hoseok and punched him down to the ground. Hoseok and I were both crying as Jimin raged on against Hoseok. "Stop!" I pleaded. "Hoseok what the heck?! C'mon Jimin lets go back into the reception." "Are you okay baby?" He asked me. "Im shocked....." Jimin stopped us half way through the hallway and turned to face me. "I wont ever let anything stupid come between us...." " Promise?" "Forever."
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