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Yah....its taken some time but I am finally doing this game!!!
Taehyung....why?? He probably has something up his sleeve....
Yay Yoongi....probably at his apartment or the dorms....ehh who cares!!!
I told you!!!! Tae....I cant I have ChimChim in my life!!
Hmm.....Namjoon....I am sure you have lots of funny dares!!
AHHH MY SWEET CHIMCHIM!!!! I will love that heh ^~^
Awww my Yoongi....dont worry I will at some point!!!
Another Tae....aish he really wants to get into my list! STAY IN YOUR LANE TAEHYUNG!!!
Well I don't really like cuddling but I guess so heh....
I think the world is trying to tell me something...since Tae was my very first bias the world is like ~ You see how adorable he is?~ ~ Why don't you have him as your bias???~ *world does creepy perv face* cant make me betray ChimChim!! Sadly no Hobi, Eomma or Kookie maybe next time