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Welcome one and all to the sixth installment of my prequel fan fiction! I do hope you're enjoying it! This was one of the hardest chapters to write, so I hope the characters are okay!
Krystal had planned to help, and had found just the right time to appear. She came in like a blue sparkle, her smile genuine as she looked at both men. "So, I hear you are recruiting mutants to help stop a madman? Well, i'd like to help. You may both call me Krystal. No, i'm not a mutant, but I'd rather like not having to fight in another war." she explained, sitting daintily across from them. She hoped that they would agree to her helping. Charles and Eric looked at the woman who now stood in front of them confused, had they really been that talked about. "I'm sorry?" Charles asked looking at the beautiful woman who intrigued him. "Could you say that again miss?" Eric said looking confused though also intrigued in the blue haired woman who just appeared in front of them. Krystal chuckled. "Please, call me Krystal. I'm not much for labels. I'd like to help you stop this war from coming. Having been in a few myself, i'd rather not be in another. The last one claimed the life of my fiancee." She told them, a small sad smile gracing her prettily painted red lips. She really was concerned, and wanted to help. "I do apoligize though. I'm afraid I'm not a mutant. I am a fae." she added, still smiling softly. Charles and Eric looked at each other slightly concerned about this lady that had just emtered the room the were in out of nowhere. "Uh well... Krystal I'm charles and this is Eric. Though if you went straight on the war topic you already knew that so why don't we see what Fae is compared to mutant." Charles said looking to eric who was a bit less keen on the idea though he knew they needed more just themselves and racen. "As long as you're useful you can help" eric said crossing his arms sounding very annoyed. "There are a few differences. Fae do not die for one. We are weak to one thing, which is iron, but I am not because I am only half fae. My mother was a moon goddess who fell in love with a fae prince." She explained as she shifted to become Erik. "I'm useful." her smirk was wide as she talked in his voice before changing back to her normal form. She took the metal trash can next to them and transfomed it into a sculpture of a dragon. She was having fun showing off a bit. "I can also create illusions." Krystal explained, making the room they sat in look like a moving train car. She smirked a little at Eric, challenging him, but her expression also said "Impressed yet?" Erik was a little distant though she did impress him and it was very interesting to him how a non-mutant wanted to help in a fight between mutants. He looked out the window seeing and hearing tracks being rolled over by a train before it disappeared. He was amazed though he refused to show it. Charles on the other hand chose to be vocal about it. He gasped at what he was hearing and seeing before his very eyes before looking to Erik. "My word, You're absolutely astounding" Charles said standing up before walking closer to her. Charles smiled. "Krystal when we get home would you mind telling me a little bit more about fae? I'd love to learn about you, because you are amazing." He asked, holding out his hand to shake hers. Krystal smirked a little to herself. She knew she had impressed Erik. She shook Charles's hand blushing a little. "You're to kind Charles. But I'd love to. You may find my son James has wondered to your place as well. He just turned 20, so he's not keen on another war that might take his mother from him too. WWII was aweful. I still have nightmares" She admitted with a shudder, sitting back down. She hoped it would be cooler at the mansion. It was hot for september where they were, and she didn't like it. Dark fae prefer cooler tempatures. "Well I'm sorry to hear that Krystal I promise...." Charles caught himself looking to Eric who seemed less then happy with a non mutant helping out. She was beautiful he had noticed but it wasn't something he was particularly keen on, the fact a mutant was trying to cause a war meant it should be mutants who stop them and noone else. "We promise to do all we can to stop this man and James is even close to your capabilities I'm sure we'll stop him." Charles said with a smile, they were actually planning to go see a mutant who would be of great usefulness as well. "Hold it." Erik said looking out the window. "Charles he just walked in" Erik added looking out the window at the bar across the street. "I guess it's time we go talk to him" Charles retorted taking a step towards the door. "If you wish miss Krystal you may follow us for the time being" Charles added with a smile. Krystal smiled. "Oh he is. He is also a genius. He already has 4 doctorates." She explained, and you could see just how proud of her baby she really was. He is her pride and joy, no doubt about that. Krystal tilted her head as she looked out the window. "Oh, its Jimmy! Haven't seen him since 1945. This will be fun." She admitted, following them. She gave charles a look that said to wait a moment before talking. She walked over to him, ordering herself a scotch. "Been a long time, Jimmy." Krystal said, sitting next to him at the bar. She knew he had a hard time saying no to her, and he'd be pleased to see JJ all grown up. He hadn't seen him since he was a babe. Jimmy lit his cigar not seeing the person talking to him though he really didn't want to be bothered whether she knew his name or not. "Go fuck your..." he stopped himself seeing her blue hair in the corner of his eye making him catch his words. "I thought the officer told you to dye your hair a human natural color" he said knowing who it was now trying to let what he was about to say roll off though he knew Krystal and knew she wouldn't let it slide easily. He looked to her putting the cigar in his mouth as he leaned against the bar not a scratch or scar on him so it would never be obvious if he was in a fight recently or not. Krystal chuckled. "You know very well their dye doesn't work on my hair. Besides, you wouldn't have recognised me if I had, now would you?" She asked him with a raised eyebrow, a smirk gracing her lips. She'd make him make up for what he'd almost said. "JJ's been wondering about you Jimmy. Hasn't see you since he was a kid." She explained, sipping her scotch. She'd missed him too, but it was mostly JJ. He'd been fairly attached to the man when when he'd left. Krystal smiled. She knew he wasn't much for fighting, but this could prevent a war. "Jimmy, wanna fight together again? We'd be preventing a war this time." She asked, her expression showing her hope. She liked being his partner. He was fun to have around, and very officiant. The two of them could stop this war themselves if they put their minds to it, but she wanted to give Charles a chance too. "Be that as it may, Krystal, I don't care." He said listining as she spoke of JJ before continuing on to fight. "As much as I would love to work with you again, I don't do it anymore. I'd rather lay low. Same reason I left the group that kept me from imprisonment." He explained his arms on the bar curling into fists. He looked to her the hope in her eyes making him cave. He had never said no to her before and it seems like it wouldn't start now. He sighed his eyes closing as he looked forward taking the cigar out of his mouth. "Okay I'll help but only because you ask and don't expect me to take orders" he said laying the cigar in the ash tray before walking away from the bar with her following him. Krystal chuckled. "That's not true and we both know it. You hate Schmitt as much as I do. Seems he's come out of hiding." She told him, knowing that it would be a hard sell. Jimmy had always been stubboner than a mule. Krystal gave him a smile. "You can stay incognito while fighting, wolfy." She said, using the old nickname she gave him when he was about 18. She gave his cheek a kiss as she hopped off the barstool. "I never do, jimmy." Krystal said with a smile, paying for his tab and her scotch, then walking over to Charles. "He'll help. But he won't take orders." Krystal told Charles giving him a kiss on the cheek also.
Her beauty was almost that of his mothers who he had thought about sexually only once or twice before. This girl was different however it seemed as if she tried to hide her beauty in a fake skin and it definitely wouldn't work on him. JJ had a keen eye for things and could often see the true form of somebody just by looking. "Uh... Uh" he studdered having expected Charles or Erik to come to the door. He shook his head trying to snap out of it as he looked back to her "Uh yea, I kind of was though I can come back later" he said nervously having never actually found someone he fell for quickly not after what Alexander Pierce had done at least. Raven wasn't sure what to think, but something inside her told her she could trust this man. She smiled at him. "I'm Raven. Won't you come in? My brother Charles should be back soon. You can wait for him if you'd like." She explained, opening the door so that he could come inside. While she was usually more cautious, she just had this feeling that he was okay, and could and would help them save the world. JJ looked at her and smiled trying to hide his nervousness from her. "Thank you Raven I'm James, but JJ is fine" he said sounding a little abnormal not doing well to hide hide his nervous thoughts. He walked in seeing how big the place was, amazed though it still didn't compare to his mothers castle being the fae queen made very little compared to what Krystal had. Unfortunately it was often very overwhelming for the young prince. Raven smiled, letting him in and showing him to the living room before going to make some cocoa. The mansion could get kind of drafty, and it was a chilly day today. "Would you like anything to drink JJ?" She called from the kitchen wanting to be hospitible. She had no clue that the man had a crush on her. She was still dealing with being rejected by Erik, and learning that Beast was more concerned witb appearence then she liked. JJ sat down in the living room and heard her call out to him though he wasn't sure what to do. "No thank you, I'm good miss. I mean Ma'am. I mean gahh.." he said knowing she'd rather be called Raven but he couldn't help himself he was too fixated on her even though they literally just met. "Jeeze I'm a dumbass" He whispered to himself trying to compose himself as to look like less of a little kid. Raven chuckled a little at JJ, noting how cute he is. She hoped to know him better. She came out with a soda for him anyway, just wanting to be polite. "So, JJ, will you tell me about youself? Whats your power?" She asked, not knowing yet he wasn't a mutant. "Power? Well I have lots of them. I can teleport, fly, oh and one of my favorites..." he said standing and putting the tea down. His body began to morph, getting curvy and chest pushing outward into breasts. It wasn't long before Raven was looking at another version of herself. "By the way... I noticed this is how you naturally look" he said poking at the flesh colored skin that he was in. "Little bit of color correction is in order" he chuckled his skin now turning blue so he looked like her natural self. "My only question is... well, why do you hide this beautiful body? It seems like you use a lot of power just keeping your skin pigment like that of a humans" he said looking to her having not heard a word yet Raven watched him curiously, amazed as he morphed. "Wow. Never met another shifter before. How come you have so many mutations?" She asked, not knowing the man she was talking to wasn't mutant. She was certainly interested in him though. "Beautiful? To most people its scary. Why? I guess i've become so accustomed to hiding. Only Charles and Erik have ever thought me pretty. Why do you?" She asked, curiousity in her eyes, though she smiled. Few had ever called her beautiful like he just had. JJ looked into her eyes becoming less and less nervous as he gazed at her while still looking like her. He nodded turning back into himself before sitting down next to her "Honestly I do. I think you're beautiful, much more then most." He said looking right through her disguise. "Can I see you without having to look through you?" JJ asked wanting to see what her true skin looked like without using his power. Raven blushed. Nobody had ever really called her beautiful before, save Charles, but he didn't count. He was like her brother. She smiled at him. "Okay." She said softly as her body slowly changed, turning blue. Raven shuffled a little as she looked at JJ. "You really think I'm beautiful like this?" She asked, vulnerability in her yellow eyes. JJ smiled holding out a hand to touch her "If you don't mind" he smiled putting a finger on her wrist running his hand to feel her skin. He nodded her skin soft to his touch "I do. I think you are absolutely beautiful" JJ said looking into her eyes which highlighted her blue skin. Moving his other hand to brush a couple hairs from her face "Extremely beautiful and perfect." Raven blushed. "You're the only one who has ever said that. People usually run fron me once they see me " she said, a soft, worried smile on her face. She still couldn't believe that someone so handsome could think her so pretty. She didn't even think she was pretty. JJ smiled, playing with a strand of his shaggy blue hair. "You're exquisite Raven. I don't understand why you hide." and with that, he kissed her, ever so gently. He'd never felt like this before.
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