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Hey Vingle Nakama!

Today being Tuesday, it's time for yet another round of Tell Me About it Tuesdays! If you're unclear about what that is, it's basically my alliterative way of talking about show and tell. You can check out the collection here!
Anyway, today what I wanted to Tell About to you all about it one of my necklaces. As you can see in the picture up there, I wear a small handful of necklaces. The one I want to tell y'all about should be obvious, though.
It's the Frieza one. the one most left.
It's this cute little phone charm-thing that my friend brought me back from her trip to Japan. Apparently they have these kinds of little charms in little vending machines around Tokyo. It's a random draw and I could've gotten Goku, Vegeta, Buu, or Frieza.
Clearly I got Frieza. Specifically, it's the cocoon version of Frieza from when he is in hell in Revival of F.
I think it's a super cool trinket to have and I'm real glad my friend brought it back for me!

Does anybody else have cool or interesting anime accessories they want to Tell About? Or maybe accessories that you really want to have? Tell us About it!

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dam dude
I have 3 pairs of dog tags from the original YuGiOh & I almost bought squall's lion necklace.
What's the little triangle taboo looking necklace? It looks like an owl and very cool. I'd love to get some accessories to do with Hunter or Helsing or Zelda.
@Animaniafreak it's a pendant honoring Odin, the Norse all-father
death note messanger bag goku figurine blackbutler pocket watch I have a key blade pendant but I dont recall which one it was. fairy tail celestial spirit keys thats all for now ^^