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We only had two games to choose from this week for the Plays of the Week, but there were plenty of great plays to display. Because of the little material to choose from, I'm keeping it to 4 plays this week.

Here are my favorites!

4. Corey Brown vs. Cardinals

Check out this 86-yard play to Corey Brown. Cam Newton rifles in a deep pass and somehow there is no deep coverage, as the speedy Brown has only one man to beat en route to the end zone. He sheds the defender easily and can essentially walk in. This play really set the tone in this game and ended it before it even started

3. Cam Newton vs. Cardinals

Most QBs would stay under center and try to dive under the line in this case to go for the TD. But not Cam. He shows how tough he is by backing up into the shotgun and attempting to go over the top of everyone for the score - and he gets it done. He is proving each and every week that he may just be the best athlete in the league.

2. Emmanuel Sanders vs. Patriots

Known more for his precise route-running than his athletic ability, Emmanuel Sanders proves in this play that he's the full package. He goes WAY up to retrieve this pass from Peyton and somehow hauls it in. In such a close game, every play matters, and this big gainer from Sanders was no exception.

1. Rob Gronkowski vs. Broncos

Even in a losing effort, Gronk and Brady manage to snag the top spot. On 4th down in the fourth quarter, a play that they absolutely needed to have to save their season, Brady heaves it way downfield for his best player and Gronk somehow manages to come up with the catch. It was such a gutsy call to go for a big play on this one, but it paid off - until the Pats fell just short at the end.
Which one gets your vote for Play of the Week?
If I had to pick a play of the week, I would have to pick the the last Touchdown pass from Brady to Gronk. Gronk had 3 defenders on him and still made that catch. That was a sick play.
@ChrisSantiago good call! I forgot about that play. I should have included it!
@jeff4122 That should've been #1
Ahhh I love Gronk. I thought the Patriots were going to take it after that Gronk catch....but the Broncos defense held them off till the very end. Great game for both teams!