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Who could resist that smile?

I don't know about everyone else, but my mood is very connected to the music I listen to. An upbeat song can change my entire outlook. And while not every date needs its own playlist, once in a while it's actually a lot of fun! Remember when you were younger and exchanged mixtapes with your crush? Same idea, only with new technology. And since we all know I have a GIANT crush on Captain America, here's a few picks inspired by my favorite star-spangled hero.

Setting the tone

I like to start soft and sweet- erm. With the music that is. (▰˘◡˘▰)
Billie Holiday- P.S. I Love You. This song is timeless. Nobody can match Holiday when it comes to passion (or talent).
Elvis Presley- Can't Help Falling in Love With You. Another oldie but a goodie. Elvis' voice will always be swoon-worthy.
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- Dream a Little Dream of Me. Nobody does love songs quite like Ella. This is definitely a must-have.

Keeping things fun

Dancing music! Sure, Captain America never learned to dance, but that's no reason to shy away. Odds are most of us didn't take ballroom dancing lessons- which means you and your partner can figure it out together! No worries if you're clumsy, that's just another excuse to fall into each other's arms. ♥‿♥
Josephine Baker- Voila Paris! What an incredibly talented artist- and her personality shines through in every song. Recorded in 1955, this was definitely a (playful) victory song.
Glenn Miller- In The Mood. Yeah, our grandparents probably danced to this one. And I have to say, when they got it right, they *really* got it!
Caro Emerald- That Man. A modern band inspired by a bygone era, you might recognize this song from Season 1 of Agent Carter!

Getting into "the mood"

Wink wink. (~_^)
Clairy Brown and the Bangin' Rackettes- Love Letter. Modern while sounding old-timey, this is flirty and fun!
The Coral- Dreaming of you. Another retro-sounding modern song, this one's about how overwhelming love can feel.
Gin Wigmore- Man Like That. Definitely sexy. Granted, it's about a serial cheater, but hey, maybe you're into roleplay?

This mix is Captain America-approved!

Did I get all of your old-timey (and retro-inspired) favorites? Let me know if you think anything is missing!
@shannonI5 there is so much yes in this. I may just have to turn this into a spotify playlist.
I seriously cannot resist a Billie Holiday song!! and classic oldies are my fav romantic-type songs. Good one Captain America!
@BelleofRay yesss I love it when I can intro people to music they've never heard before!
I love oldies and listen to a few constantly, but thanks for introducing me to a few I've never heard of before 😆 *screams of joy*
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