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Never piss me off! //its true I made her made once. She took off her glasses and nailed me in the head from across the room. With a pan...// And I'll never miss!
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They look similar but Roberta wears a long skirt and you can always see her Braids. she also doesn't really use rifles... Mey-Rin can use both.
2 years ago·Reply
@meyrinmichaelis lol yeahh i forgot about the long skirt but Roberta got the old rifle that her late master had in the house, to kill those guys lol thats mainly why i really thought that was her
2 years ago·Reply
^^ ok. My friend did this drawing though on deviant art and she has it as. They pushed Mey-Rin to far...
2 years ago·Reply
@meyrinmichaelis yeahh it looks really cool, girl got skills
2 years ago·Reply
Thanks... I'll tell her.
2 years ago·Reply