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Talking about eyebrows never seems to get boring.

If you take pride in your eyebrows than there's no such thing as knowing too much. You can always learn something new, whether it be about eyebrows or just something in general. Whether you choose to believe it or not, eyebrows make the face. That's why they say that a person's eyebrows are the stairs to heaven. Let's just make sure those stairs are fleeky, always.
If you think you're overeducated when it comes to knowing a thing or two about eyebrows, think again. There's no such thing. Thanks to a few eyebrow gurus, they have the answers to the questions you have yet to ask. And yet you thought you knew it all -- silly goose. Keep scrolling to gain a bit of knowledge when it comes to those beautiful stairways we love to call our eyebrows.

Prevent Lotion From Touching Your Eyebrows

Although it may be difficult trying to moisturize your face without touching your eyebrows, doing so can cause lack of growth.

Know Your Brow Shape

Knowing the shape of your brow is like knowing your body. Everyone is different and you must remember that when it comes to your brows. Celebrity brow expert, Tonya Crooks says: "There are three shapes to brows: an arch, an arc, and a straighter brow. Properly identifying which shape is correct for you is what will lead to your own best brows."

Be Careful When It Comes To Trimming

Sometimes a trim can turn into more and we never intended it to. Try to only trim the longest hairs and never, ever use scissors. According to brow guru, Robin Evans, "For trimming, brush the brows up and trim the longest hairs. Don't take the scissors and cut directly across as this can make them look too choppy."

Choose The Right Shade For You

Now that you're familiar with your brow shape, it's time to become familiar with your brow shade. If you have light brown hair, don't reach for a dark brown eye pencil. It doesn't work that way. "If you use a brow pencil, make sure that you are using a pencil that matches the tone of your hair—either a warm tone or neutral tone. If the tone does not match, it looks incredibly unnatural," says brow guru, Vucetaj.

Have any brow tips you would like to share?

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and please choose the right color. nothing bugs me more than girls with black brows who shade them in light brown . like we know that aint right lol
make sure your shading them in rather than drawing them to a point it looks like two swuared lines above your eyes
two of my pet peeves!!!! you nailed them! especially the last one. that drives me INSANE!!! @stephosorio