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Answer: YOU

We all had so much fun last week watching Agent Carter together and WE ARE GONNA DO IT ALL AGAIN TONIGHT!!! And I know all the fun and games will be incentive enough for you to tune in with us, but in case you needed another reason here's a clip from tonight's episode:


Of course I'm not worried about Peggy. She'll be fine... right?
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@ThePervySage @shannonl5 yes! I really enjoy his character! He's so adorably awkward and smart and noble. I really like him. I'm curious how far he'll go and where. :D
@ButterflyBlu @shannonl5 We know she marries someone who was in the 501st battalion that Captain America rescued. Right now, there are three men in her life who were in the military. Jack, Daniel and Jason. So things can go either way.
@ThePervySage ohhh, that's a really good point! The options are, wisely, wide open for Peg right now. Still...Jack and I, we're not talking right now. *rolls eyes*
@ThePervySage @ButterflyBlu I really doubt it's Jack- though that would be quite a twist. They *could* work really hard to bring his character over. Right now he's doing what he's told and pandering to the higher-ups, but I would like to see him turn around in the next episode and do the right thing now that he knows what's going on (sidebar: I hope he made a copy of that film) (second sidebar: he's in the wrong for sure, but Peggy really shouldn't have thrown the medal thing in his face, that was a low blow). That all being said, I'm not as interested in that story. Nor do I want to see Souza ditch his (soon to be) fiancee for Peg. He didn't see her as an equal in the first season and even though it seems like that's changed... that ship has sailed? Short version: Totally rooting for Peggy and Jason.
@shannonl5 @ButterflyBlu But Jack does want to be good though. It's just clouded by him also wanting to be somebody. And the Souza ship can always come back depending on what happens with his fiancee. I am rooting for Jason though. Just because an interracial relationship at that time was rare, and would be a huge challenge until at least the 1070's. And not even legal.