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Have you had an emotional experience that you can't really put into words? Well, there's a language out there that probably has a word to describe it.
Inspired by @ButterflyBlu and her Greek knowledge, I'll be doing a collection on love and languages and word. The first one (above!) comes from Romania, a word describing the intense pain you feel being away from someone. (@AlloBaber )
This one goes out to all those love-distance lovers, or if you have loved ones away from you. Have you ever experienced Dor?
Sigh :( I know the feeling too well. I miss my boy a lot. Being in a long distance relationship is a good growing experience, I think, because it forces you to deal with a lot of emotions you might not feel otherwise. 😐
Totally @AlloBaber emotions that can only be expressed in Romanian 😉 but it's good you know you aren't the only one!
Oh I love this idea, @nicolejb!! @AlloBaber *hugs* it's true. I've been there... It's hard. But you also have time to learn things about each other that have nothing to do with the physicality of one another, either. You know?
So true @ButterflyBlu, I did LD for a time and my verbal communication skills got SO much better. And I learned more about what he needed in that time too. It was a good learning experience.