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Have you had an emotional experience that you can't really put into words? Well, there's a language out there that probably has a word to describe it.
Inspired by @ButterflyBlu and her Greek knowledge, I'll be doing a collection on love and languages and word. The first one (above!) comes from Romania, a word describing the intense pain you feel being away from someone. (@AlloBaber )
This one goes out to all those love-distance lovers, or if you have loved ones away from you. Have you ever experienced Dor?
Sigh :( I know the feeling too well. I miss my boy a lot. Being in a long distance relationship is a good growing experience, I think, because it forces you to deal with a lot of emotions you might not feel otherwise. 😐
So true @ButterflyBlu, I did LD for a time and my verbal communication skills got SO much better. And I learned more about what he needed in that time too. It was a good learning experience.
Oh I love this idea, @nicolejb!! @AlloBaber *hugs* it's true. I've been there... It's hard. But you also have time to learn things about each other that have nothing to do with the physicality of one another, either. You know?
Totally @AlloBaber emotions that can only be expressed in Romanian 😉 but it's good you know you aren't the only one!