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So, this is going to be a pretty simple card, to be honest. Lol There have been a few challenges that I've been wanting to try but I've lost track of them and the cards and I just...yeah. But, anyway, @amobigbang tagged me in her shuffle game challenge card where you put your music on shuffle and the third song represents life with your bias...or your relationship. Yeah. I was going to try and do a kpop playlist and a non-kpop playlist like she did, but for some reason my ipod deleted half of my playlist but yeah. So, my main baby is Daesung, but I've apparently been into Junhoe from iKon lately. I'll be fair since I thought about him first when I did this challenge, so I'll say this is my relationship with him.
Precious, isn't he? ㅋㅋ Anyway, I found it funny because of the song that I ended up getting. It'd be nice for Daesung or June, to be honest.
Of all songs for me to get, I got this one. I actually forgot that I bought this song but hey. It came up with pretty good reason, hm? ㅋㅋ Thanks, @amobigbang for tagging me again! ^^