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thanks to @thepinkprincess for creating this game and tagging me.. also tagged by @keziahwright
it seems we both don't like being touched much but aww
I pictured this with a whole other member but V would probably make me forget I was scared
Sly Monster lol
I just picture myself on my tiptoes doing this
Why are you and Rap Mon trying to murder my insides? that's where the heart is right? haha ;)
But Princess you're prettier than me
Bring it I'm so ready!!
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I think they like the stupid captions I write Lol @Nikkitty
@PrettieeEmm 馃槄Ok yea but your captions are hilarious to me, they prolly think the same thing?
@Nikkitty I'll keep at it then.. as long as my lovely vingle FAM is happy 馃榾
@PrettieeEmm Yes yes yes!馃槃馃槃as long as you're enjoying it
thanks for the tag!! this made my day/evening?