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Oh another one heh by @thePinkPrincess
......Well then......nothing to say
Went into the Haunted House with you and hugged you the whole time Aww Yoongi I feel so much safer....
Swiftly gave you a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel Don't look at me with those eyes Kookie!
Shared cotton candy with him Aww Tae....I would love to do that one day!!
Won a big teddy bear for you I do see Hobi doing something like this you know ^~^
Took couple-selcas with you Now its Kookie....aish all of them trying to get me to choose them!
Walked you home and gave you a goodbye kiss Yoongi *faints from too much swag* Sweet
Sadly no Eomma, RapMon or Jimin Aish maybe next time