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Heh sorry for all these cards....don't hate me!! Just trying my best here to inform people..... This is Lu:kus a rather unknown band that I love....I have been with them since their debut (2014? cant remember atm) Lovely boys! If you want I could make a card about them if you want to know more about them or if you want a refresher! They posted this up today and wow its been a lonnnnngggg time since we have heard of them! Sorry for the confusion....I thought I posted the link for Lu:Kus and ended up posting the Monsta X one!!! Thank you @gabbycheese23 for pointing it out!!! Ask if you want to be tagged!
@IsoldaPazo @imiebegay14 okay i will put you guys on my list!!
@ArmyofKookie dont worry i will @Ercurrent okay i shall start it heh!!! @LunaCordero they dont really update as much thats all!
tag me!!!
tag meh. i want to know more about them.
I actually just found Lu:Kus, and I LOVE THEM!!! So keep the cards coming! I don't know much about them yet
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