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Sony announced today that they are bringing together both Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment to create something new called Sony Interactive Entertainment [that was probably the wordiest sentence I've ever written].
Now, I'm not really sure what this means in the long run. Or what it means right now but it seems like a positive thing. By merging both of these companies into a single entity it seems like (again, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about) it'll be easier for them to manage both at the same time.
If you're still a little confused, I'm going to try my best to clear it up:

Sony Computer Entertainment:

is responsible for the creation of the hardware we play. Playstations and Vitas and all that beautiful stuff.

Sony Network Entertainment:

was created in 2010 to create services and content for the Playstation Network.
In a statement, Andrew House (President and Global CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Group Executive in charge of Network Entertainment of Sony Corporation) said:
"By integrating the strengths of PlayStation’s hardware, software, content and network operations, SIE will become an even stronger entity, with a clear objective to further accelerate the growth of the PlayStation business. Along with our business partners, SIE will develop pioneering services and products that will continue to inspire consumers’ imaginations and lead the market."
Sony Interactive Entertainment will headquartered in San Mateo, California while also having operations in London and Tokyo starting on April 1st, 2016.
Haha xD that's horrible. But That's why we have... (suspenseful music plays in background) ... SONY ENTERTAINMENT! @_@ to take us one step closer to being with out waifus. >:3 Virtual Reality needs to hurry and get here.
i kept misreading Sony as Sorry
@poojas I hope they don't make it confusing. But it sounds like they're doing it so things aren't as confusing in the future
I did not know the hardware and services were under different groups but it's cool that they are bringing it all together. As long as they don't make it confusing for the users~
@MadHouseRomance that happens to me when I see the word "love". for some reason I always read it as "something you will never have you loser"