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It seemed like people really enjoyed last week's game of Truth or Dare! :D Almost 100 comments?! That was amazing!!
If you didn't get to participate in the last game (or if I never got around to you... ehehe oops @danidee @InPlainSight @ShellyBallentin @LilyCervantes @ShadowAnggel87), you're in luck! This is round 2, and it's going to be sassier than ever. ;)
Here's how it works!
1. Comment "truth" or "dare."

2. I'll give you either a dare (real-life OR Vingle-related!) or ask a question that you MUST answer truthfully in the comments!

~ You can go as many times as you want!
~ Deadline: You have until Wednesday 11:59pm PST to play!!!
~An example dare:
Say hello to the person you have a crush on next time you see them.
~An example truth:
What was your most embarrassing middle school moment?

Good luck everybody!!

I've brainstormed lists of truths and dares beforehand this time... so it'll be EXTRA FUN to see what everyone gets! MWAHAHAHA!
(Side note: why have I been laughing so evilly lately? Hmm...)
A special prize to @Marcus0506 for making me laugh the hardest with his lotion story!!! XD
@LAVONYORK @LenaBlackRose @AlloBaber When I was a kid I was passing note in 3rd grade class that I denied I was its owner. It said, "I think Mrs. Rogers is a Bitch, do you? yes [袚] or no [袚] pass it back" I was sent to the principal and I stood my ground, compltey denying I wrote the note... although I was caught red handed and it was obviously my handwriting!
@ShadowAnggel87 Dare: Dance (with no music on) for 1 minute. @ShellyBallentin Truth: What is the biggest/worst lie you've ever told? @EasternShell Truth: If you could spend one day as a member of the opposite sex, what would you do? @MichelleHolly Hahaha that's okay! Slow and steady wins the race. You brave soul! XD Truth: Have you ever stolen anything/broken any laws? Dare: Give yourself a 1 minute pep talk in the mirror. 馃構 @ZoilaObregon Truth: What do many people think about you that happens to be untrue? @BeannachtOraibh: Tag a Vingler you would love to take out to dinner. 馃槒馃榿
@LAVONYORK yup wanna join ?
Wait you guys are still playing?
@AlloBaber your mom was a bodybuilder? Now that's cool. I enjoyed watching the competitions.
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