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Truth or Dare? Round TWO! [Game!]
It seemed like people really enjoyed last week's game of Truth or Dare! :D Almost 100 comments?! That was amazing!!
If you didn't get to participate in the last game (or if I never got around to you... ehehe oops @danidee @InPlainSight @ShellyBallentin @LilyCervantes @ShadowAnggel87), you're in luck! This is round 2, and it's going to be sassier than ever. ;)
Here's how it works!
1. Comment "truth" or "dare."

2. I'll give you either a dare (real-life OR Vingle-related!) or ask a question that you MUST answer truthfully in the comments!

~ You can go as many times as you want!
~ Deadline: You have until Wednesday 11:59pm PST to play!!!
~An example dare:
Say hello to the person you have a crush on next time you see them.
~An example truth:
What was your most embarrassing middle school moment?

Good luck everybody!!

I've brainstormed lists of truths and dares beforehand this time... so it'll be EXTRA FUN to see what everyone gets! MWAHAHAHA!
(Side note: why have I been laughing so evilly lately? Hmm...)
A special prize to @Marcus0506 for making me laugh the hardest with his lotion story!!! XD
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Well at the very least, you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and did something pretty brave ;) So now next time it'll be easier!! You know, when you find someone you actually do want to ask out :D @ZoilaObregon
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Either way @ZoilaObregon I think you might be the Truth or Dare MVP (along with @BeannachtOreibh, who absolutely KILLED IT :D)
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@AlloBaber Yeah, and I hope that he does exist. Wooohhh MVP!!!!! 馃槤馃槤馃槤
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